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Bishop Kevin Hancock is also lead Pastor of Redeemed Fellowship in Watson, LA. Along with his wife Sister Patricia as our Women's Ministry Director. They're working throughout the state as the Lord sees fit. Please keep them in your prayers.

(225) 571-6290

Rev. Tod Wilkinson  
Our District Secretary and Treasurer.
Ministering out of New Season Church.
Available for Ministry helps throughout the District.

Phone (225) 202-1526

Rev. Denny R. Polk


District Board Member

(870) 500-6675

Rev. Jamie Hudson


District Board Member
(225) 362-0867

Me & Shirley.jpg
Denny Polk.jpg

Rev. Mikey Bonaventure

Associate Pastor at Redeemed Fellowship, and District Board Member

(225) 305-3628

Rev. George & Rev. Amanda Buchler

Ministers out of Redeemed Fellowship 

Watson, Louisiana.  

(870) 740-5982 or (870) 460-5329

George and Amanda 2.jpg

Rev. Carl Leyerle
Ministers out of Redeemed Fellowship
Watson Louisiana.
(225) 773-6456

carl Leyerle.jpg

Pastor George Harris 

is the Lead Pastor of

New Season Church

Baton Rouge Louisiana.

and District Board Member

(225) 328-1980


Rev. Solomon​ Garba

Senior Associate Pastor

New Season Church

and District Board Member

(225) 270-5897

Pastor Jerry Reynolds

is the Lead Pastor of

Believers Worship Center

in Bastrop, Louisiana.

(318) 669-1815

Rev. Timothy Johnson

Ministers out of Believers Worship Center in Bastrop, Louisiana.

(870) 415-9841

Rev. Thomas Rogers

Rev. Rogers is an evangelist. He and his wife are available throughout the state. 

(318) 664-2285

Rev. Jean Polk
Rev. Jean Polk is an evangelist. and is available throughout the state
(318) 323-6435


Pastors Robert Whitley
& Rev. Jennifer 

He Is the Lead Pastor of 
Anchor of Hope 
In Springhill Louisiana

and District Board Member
(940) 704-2049

Rev. Karen Bradshaw
Associate Pastor at Anchor of Hope
Springhill Louisiana
(318) 578-2768

Karen Bardshaw 2.jpg

Rev. Werner Lukas

Ministers out of Anchor of Hope Springhill Louisiana

(870) 360-1631

Werner Lukas 2.jpg

Rev. Steve Rivers
Ministers out of
Anchor of Hope

Springhill Louisiana
(318) 455-4787

Rev. Britt Day
Ministers out of Anchor of Hope
Springhill Louisiana
(318) 578-2327

Spring Hill.png

Rev. Joey Kelly

Ministers out of

Faithful Word Assembly in

Kenner Louisiana.

and District Board Member

(504) 239-6550

Pastor J.W. Howell 

At Faith Fellowship

in Denham Springs Louisiana. 

(225) 405-9019

Rev. James May 

pastors a independent church

in Prairieville, Louisiana. 

(225) 281-4938

James May.jpg
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