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From Bishop Kevin's Desk

June 8, 2021's hard for me to absorb that we're in the month of June already.  And although we have seen God move on our behalf as a group these last few months...I would venture to say we haven't seen anything yet in comparison to what He's gonna be doing for us, as long as we stay in His will and not our own in this labor of love He's called us to. 

I would just like to encourage us not to become complacent in what the Lord has done for us as a group and to continue to walk by faith in asking in prayer...not our will but His be done in our District, various ministries and our daily lives.

Our District calendar is quite full and your excitement is contagious.  As always, I'm looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.  I can't express in words how grateful I am to each of you concerning your encouragement and kind words.  As we're all well aware...what we're experiencing isn't due to one man, but rather our collective desire to continue in the direction the Lord will have us to go as we do His work in a unified application of the ministry He has called us to.  Truly without a shadow of a doubt...God is with us.

Your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

May 21, 2021


To the seven Church’s that were represented and the dozen or so ministers which were a part of the Fellowship Rally at Redeemed Friday night…I would personally like to say thank you.


Thank you for allowing God’s Spirit to move through you to use you as we gathered together in one accord during this wonderful gathering.  Unity is a choice and obviously, just as Paul wrote to the church in 1 Corinthians 13…love moving among us Spiritually as we experienced and shared Friday night is I believe, a special experience which becomes quite powerful as we see scripture come alive in our midst, as He has been in so many of our functions as of late…that God is with us.


I, as you, understand as we continue to grow and move forward as the Lord see’s fit, that changes will naturally occur within the body of Christs church.  However, concerning each of our personal applications of corporate worship amongst ourselves, I sincerely hope that the only change will be that our love for one another will continue to grow as it has these last few months despite all of our varied circumstances.


As so many of you have shared, I too agree that yes, this is very exciting.  So please, from this perspective, don’t change a thing concerning our decisions on being together wherein we are called.  As scripture declares…God is love and His presence with us is beyond my ability to express as we grow together in both Spirit and Truth.


Your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

April 6, 2021


Unto you in the Faith:  Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.


Yet another month has come and gone…yet another celebration of our resurrected Lord which has been celebrated by us all.  Personally, I couldn’t help but reflect upon last Easter while preparing for this one.  I know all of our District churches celebrated Easter last year in a unique way in dealing with the covid issue which was impacting so much then in comparison to now.  At Redeemed for example, we basically met throughout the day last year and celebrated Easter in the church parking lot.  Quite the contrast for the service this year for all of us I’m sure.


The covid issue obviously demanded we work with change if we desired to move forward as ministers of the Gospel during those difficult months.  And frankly…I submit we all are still having to deal with a variety of change as this situation continues to run its course within our communities.


I was thinking recently about the telephone issues of my childhood…party lines and rotary dial for example.  Black and white televisions with turn knobs which created children being the first remote control as we were instructed which channel to turn the knob to by our parents.  More to the point upon reflection of all this…I realize how often I have rejected change in my life.  I’m still struggling with the changed technology of our day.  It seems to be mastered so easily by the young, yet I still find myself often staring at my laptop wondering how to complete the task at hand.


My final thoughts here as a minister of the Gospel within the P.C.G. are that there is a necessity concerning change that if we turn a blind eye to, we risk being left with party lines rather than the cell phone in our collective hands.  I’ve come to the personal belief that change within my life isn’t necessarily as bad as my rejection of it.  Reason being is my lack of understanding it or my desire to keep things in my life the way they were so to speak.


As I’m witnessing with so many of you the changes within our District as God is consistently moving on our behalf despite our wide variety of circumstances as a collective group, I’m often humbled beyond measure as each new change brings with it a wide variety of both a Spiritual and physical refreshing which I never anticipated when you elected me to serve you in the office of Bishop.  And better still are the experiences with each of you as we meet together in our various meetings, or our communications by phone, text or Email.


Each time one of you shares with me the blessings of each new ministry opportunity or each new endeavor that our Redeemer puts before us as a District, it becomes quite clear to all of us within this movement of change within our District and beyond.  Truly God is with us and it remains a humbling experience for myself personally as we move forward together looking forward to our future change He has in store for us.


As always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

March 16, 2021

Well, obviously we just experienced yet another amazing District function at Believers Worship Center in Bastrop.  For the few that missed out...personally...I don't know what to say except Friday night was awesome.  Saturday was just as awesome...and so basically the entire two days were incredible frankly.

I realize my grammar in the first paragraph is a bit unique but all the folks that were a part of those two events get it I'm sure.  I want to glorify our Lord and Redeemer for what He's doing in our District.  Also, I'd like to thank all of you for what you're doing in being an active part as well.  Truly time and again He has and is showing us that God is with us and I'm so very humbled to have such a small part in such a wonderful experience...Thank you all...and God bless you all...

Your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

February 8, 2021

The youthful question of the month..."Would you be my Valentine?"  Simply applied toward the heart as a choice.  Paul tells us no matter how spiritual we may perceive ourselves to be, without choosing to love other's...we're just a aggravating noise.  Our Bible Conference this year reflected your choice to love and the beauty of those services I know was shared by all.  The greatest choice of love ever made obviously is reflected as well in John 3:16.  And remember what Paul shares...Love envies not, Love endures all things...Love never fails.

May our love strive to reach these high expectations as we each serve GOD and other's as this year unfolds before us.  Simply put, love is a choice we've made because of the choice our REDEEMER has made for us.  May our LORD bless each and every one of you and your labor of love for HIM and each other.

Yes, GOD is love and it's clear to see that GOD is with us.  

Always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

January 3, 2021

And so a New Year has arrived and we are all one step closer to the completion of our journey here on this plane and our collective arrival on streets of gold...praise GOD.

Friday, January 29th & Saturday the 30th is our District Bible Conference.  Hopefully, we all will begin to be in prayer for these services.  Obviously with our unique circumstances in our communities due to Covid concerns, some of you will not be able to be a part of this Conference physically, but we all can have a part Spiritually by being in prayer for these two services.

If you're not able to physically be a part, please keep this District event in your daily prayer's.  I can't help but believe that in person or in prayer GOD will be with us concerning these two services.

I want to thank each of you who are applying yourselves in advance for any and all things that you do for our District.

Always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

December 12, 2020

Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.  Luke 2:14

No doubt many at this time of year "hear" or "see" this verse in a variety of ways.  

Yes, the Prince of Peace arrived all those years ago in a manger as humanities "peace" despite our earthly turmoil. 


The very Prince of Peace gives perfect peace to those whose hearts are fixed upon Him despite our circumstance.


During these troubling times that we may often find ourselves in, we have the option to rest in the promises of our Redeemers faithfulness toward us.  To be confident in His words of promise.  To know we're empowered by His Spirit.  To know we're living in His covenant of grace.  


At the conclusion of this year, as we rapidly approach the unknown of the next, truly...Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.

Always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

November 14, 2020


What an incredible month November has proven to be.  I’ve had the privilege to fellowship with Pastor Jerry and Believers Worship Center, as well as the honor of presenting Rev. Lukas with his well-deserved credentials. 


I finally had the opportunity to meet Rev. George and Rev. Amanda Buchler from the Monroe area after many texted and phone conversations.  I’m happy to share their excitement on becoming a part of our Louisiana District PCG ministry group.  What a wonderful ministry team that our Lord has blessed the Louisiana PCG district with.


As representing our district and ministers on the General Board this past week, it was not just an administrative venue.  Our General Bishop, Wayman Ming, Jr. shared his heart as the God called leader of our great movement.  In two separate prayer sessions on Monday evening and Tuesday morning the tangible presence of the Spirit of God was abundantly in our midst.  To be a part of the many manifestations of God’s Spirit moving upon the men of God on the General Board was an incredible spiritual experience which is something that I will cherish for some time.


I’m convinced God is doing something powerful in regards to our PCG movement across our many, many global mission fields, our diversified districts from coast to coast and locally within our active PCG Louisiana district family.


So many of you have shared the same basic conversation with me on how God is doing a work in our district.  It’s such an honor for me to be ministering along side so many of you that are moving forward in the vision God has placed upon our hearts.  And we haven’t even gotten to December yet! 


So…Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.  As you already know I’m just a phone call or text away.  Each and every one of our churches and ministers are in my daily prayers.  Let me close with the obvious.  Covid or no Covid, Democrat or Republican, young or aged, God is in control and being a part of what He is doing for us is incredibly exciting. 


As always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

October 14, 2020

Yet another month has passed since our last post.  Truly as James tells us, life is but a vapor.  My appreciation and humility in this office God has placed me in these last three months have been a unique ministry experience to say the least.  We’ve seen our District ministry role grow by four men called of God to preach the gospel and commit themselves to the future work here in our District.  As well currently we have two more men and one woman called of God desiring to meet the board at our next meeting in December. 


Our District financial account has grown as well, along with some of our churches, in regards to their praise teams and membership.  We have been activity researching properties throughout the district in the hopes of a new church plant in the distant future.  God is good!


Being able to pray for and minister with, and to this wide variety of work is truly a blessing and experience that my words could never express.  My dependence is growing stronger upon our Lord and His Spirit as He honors His Word in all of these and many more endeavors we find ourselves involved with.


I’d like to recognize the wonderful experience we had at Anchor of Hope last week in spite of the latest hurricane that arrived on the coast that very day, not to mention the COVID dynamic that all of us seem to have to navigate on a daily basis.  Thank you Pastor Britt and your congregation for your hospitality, meal and fellowship. 


If I can apply myself for any one of you in a greater compacity, please don’t hesitate to let me know, as well please know each and every one of our churches and ministers are in my daily thoughts and prayers.


As always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

September 12, 2020

We had yet another Spirit impowered, awesome Fellowship Rally this past Friday evening at Redeemed Fellowship that God themed throughout the service on the topic of Love.  The praise team was instrumental in bringing us into the presence of our Lord with His Spirit impacting the worship service mightily.


The anointing upon Sis. Quanda & Sis. Jennifer's duet moved upon the entire congregation in a Spirit of unity and love that seems to be becoming a common experience in our last two fellowship rallies.

Rev. Elijah Stotts shared the Gospel as yet again God's Spirit moved through this Man of God to bless each of us by his message on Love.  Truly from the bottom of my heart I couldn't be happier to be such a small part of the large work our Redeemer is now doing within our District.

As always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

August 16, 2020

Sis. Patricia & I have just returned from Believer's Worship Center in Bastrop after enjoying the Fellowship Rally held there Friday Night.

We both want to express our appreciation for the love, respect and enthusiasm that we experienced in both Friday Night's Service as well as Saturday's Women's Ministry Meeting that Believer's Women's Ministries Team extended to my wife while we were there.

I'm so looking forward to all our futures concerning our Districts unity and growth as we move forward as the Lord guides us collectively.

We're praying for each of you within this District and we need your prayers as well as we walk by faith as the Lord guides this ministry as HE sees fit. 

As always your servant in Christ,

Bishop Kevin

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